Palmer House Upholsterers, Inc.
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Save those treasured pieces.

Palmer House Upholsterers, Inc. offers the best workmanship in upholstering your furniture - whether modern or traditional, new or antique. We replace the old upholstery with everything new - new webbing, springs, padding, foam, and fabric selected by the customer to match the home décor.

upholstered sofa and love seat.

Upon request, we can make changes in the style of the furniture - e.g., higher back, one cushion instead of two on a sofa or love seat, etc. - - if the piece lends itself to change.

We do not refinish furniture, but we glue and, upon request, touch up the wood.

To cover or re-cover.

upholstered couch.

Instead of upholstering your furniture, or in addition to upholstering your furniture, you can opt for a custom slipcover. Once you select the fabric - either in our shop or in your home - we come to your house to cut and pin. Within a short time - - voilĂ , you have a custom slipcover to protect and enhance your fine furniture.